This product is based on the piezoelectric effect of artificially polarized ceramics. It is suitable for conventional vibration measurement of mechanical equipment, especially for rotating and reciprocating machinery. It can measure vibration displacement, velocity, and acceleration, and is widely used in fields like machinery manufacturing, electric metallurgy, and general aerospace.

VBT-281 Vibration Meter

SKU: VBT-281
    • Measure acceleration, velocity, and displacement
    • Full and direct display of measurement result and condition
    • Screen flipping function in 4 direction
    • Switch acceleration measurement between high and low frequency
    • Curve display
    • Graph analysis function
    • Store and view files
    • Battery strength indicator
    • Double measurement button
    • Flashlight
    • Data storage with full storage notification
    • Screen brightness
    • Select Chinese/English
    • Shutdown time setting
    • Machinery grade
    • Equipped with two probes (short and long)